10 /12 Seat Dining Sets

Unveil the pinnacle of outdoor entertaining with Solamans Outdoor's opulent range of 10-12 seat dining sets. Combining lavish design and superior craftsmanship, these sets redefine large-scale al fresco gatherings, creating a sumptuous haven for friends and family while maintaining resilience against the elements. Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with the epitome of luxury and functionality, meticulously curated to exude enduring charm and comfort.

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    Leamington Cube Dining Set

    Indulge in the modern allure of our Cube Dining Set, a masterful combination of functionality and style. This ensemble consists of dining chairs, stools, and a generously sized dining table that can comfortably accommodate 8 to 10 individuals. Crafted...
    NOW £953.10 - £1,394.10